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Your Awakening IS A Big Deal!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

For a shockingly high number of people, their Spiritual Awakening began when they underwent a traumatic event: death of a loved one, a catastrophic accident, something that shocks the soul…

Mine happened when my favourite rooster died.

He wasn’t just my favourite. Everyone in the family loved him, and he was the hen's favourite, too.

He was gentle and sweet, and his name was Mr. Handsome.

One day, Mr. Handsome got into a tussle with one of the younger rooster’s in the coop, and he didn’t come out the winner. I had to separate him from the rest of the flock and tend to his wounds for a couple of weeks.

One night, as I did the rounds to lock up all the birds, I stopped at Mr. Handsome first. “It’ll sure be nice when you’re all healed up and ready to back to the flock there, Handsome, so I have one less lock up to worry about at night…” I said, only half jokingly.

“This will be the last night you have to do this” said a booming voice in the dark. I whirled around, expecting my husband to be standing on the deck behind me.

I was alone.

I sat there for a heartbeat or two, then shook it off, chalked it up to my imagination, and went to lock up the rest of the flock.

The next morning, I stepped out on my back deck to enjoy my first cup of coffee in the warm summer sun. My eyes were drawn to Mr. Handsome’s hospital coop.

The door was wide open and all I ever found was feathers.