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Working through the sh*t in order to ride the shift!

I could feel it coming...

It was a feeling of being on edge; of anticipation without knowing what I was anticipating.

And the Universe confirmed it. Over and over and over again, 555. Everywhere I looked - the clock. License plates. Receipts. Phone numbers… 555.

Big shifts were coming. Not the take-a-wee -step-forward kind of shift. No, not this time. This was going to be B-I-G, quantum leaps forward.

How did I know? Because the feeling had been with me for months. The confirmation in the form of signs and symbols from the Universe - for months now.

So, in a small way, I was prepared. At least I knew ‘something’ was coming. And let’s get real: big, momentus shifts often come in challenge form, and can be life-changing.

And, I was prepared in the foreknowledge that I wasn’t alone in this…whatever ‘this’ turned out to be. I knew I had my Divine Team with me, always.

I was already well into the shift before I recognized it. Recognition coming in the form of tight muscles, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, headaches, lack of patience, miscommunication…

It started as a mislabelled pile of sh*t.

That’s all I saw it as. Challenges coming in from various close relationships. Challenges coming in from expectations of others, and Self. Challenging, outdated patterns and behaviours that no longer serve me. Situations arising to challenge my sense of peace and security.

In one particular occurrence, an opportunity to rewrite my story. And all of it, every aspect, every emotion, every thought – my chance to make a shift.

Last week, I marked the 20th anniversary of one of my Big Life Moments.

On January 20, 2001 (01/20/2001) – just three weeks after my eldest son was born - I underwent the first of two, back-to-back brain surgeries.

The surgeries were meant to correct a facial nerve disorder that causes excruciating pain.