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My bitch slapping days are behind me!

Updated: Mar 31

Oh, boy! Was I ever pissed off on that day!

You’d think that whatever was going on March 18, 2015, I would have some recollection of it. I mean, I was so thoroughly irritated that I took to social media about it, so it must have been important, right?


I have zero recollection of why I was ready to strike out physically that day for someone else’s actions that were, in all likelihood, completely out of my control. But, I sure remember being ‘that’ person. The person who was so easily triggered by other people’s actions, choices, or perceived mistakes that I was ready to lash out. The anger and frustration would boil up inside me and, BOOM, everyone knew about it!

Funny how the tide has turned.

I was recently travelling by plane and had a stopover in Vancouver. When I arrived in the terminal, I had a few hours, so bought some lunch, some Roger’s Chocolates for the family and went to sit and read my current book.

Before I settled in, I thought to pull out my boarding pass and identification and have it ready. I found the boarding pass easily ~ I was using it as a bookmarker. But I couldn’t find my driver’s license anywhere. Not in my wallet, purse, pockets or suitcase. I retraced my steps and asked the merchants. Nothing. I approached customer service and explained my dilemma.

After checking in with a manager, it was determined I needed to file a police report. My file number would suffice as my identification, but I may have to have a member attend in person to verify it was me. So, I sat on hold for 20 minutes with the local RCMP detachment (Royal Canadian Mounted Police for my non-Canadian friends). An officer came on and I calmly explained my situation. Another officer would call me back, I was told. Don’t ignore calls labelled ‘Private Number’!

Forty-five minutes later, I was repeating my story to a Constable Lowry. Constable Lowry double checked all of my information and we even shared a couple of chuckles about my poor memory and absent-mindedness. He issued me a file number and assured me I only needed to show it to the gate attendant in order to board the plane for the final leg of my journey home.